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If you are 18 years or older , KSW are offering men and women the opportunity to train to become Wrestlers.


To introduce you to the world of Wrestling training KSW use a seminar program to give you a taster of what training will be like.

It's a one off deal meaning that, if you feel wrestling isn't for you, then you can walk away.


The KSW seminar will teach you the basics in break falling, basics on how to work within a wrestling ring and some simple locks, holds and basic wrestling moves.

It won't make you a professional overnight, but it will give you an idea whether pro wrestling is for you

KSW have some of the best facilities in the country including a two fully matted gyms,Crash mats and training ring with 25 years of experience you can be assured that you will be safe in our hands.


So if you have the desire to become a professional wrestler then e-mail



KSW was founded by retired World of Sport star Steve Logan in 1998.

During Steve's career he teamed with Big Daddy on the ITV show and has travelled through Europe and Canada where he trained at the legendary Hart Dungeon.

He Wrestled and teamed with such names as Bret 'Hitman' Hart, Owen Hart, "Dynamite Kid" Tommy Billington, Fit Finley, British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith and many more.

He has handed down all this knowledge from across the world and it is used at KSW today.

At KSW we expect a mature and professional attitude, we will not tolerate any form of bullying discrimination or abuse of any kind this includes discrimination  towards gender, sexuality and race .

We aim to ensure the safety of anyone who attends our school and that they feel safe and at ease whilst in our company. 

Training session runs from 2.15pm - 4.15pm every Sunday .



Please email for information on the next seminar.



Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the KSW Academy? 

The full address is: The K-Star Gym, Unit 5, 54 College Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B44 8BS.


Are women welcome?

Yes, of course, Upon your seminar you will work with one of our female wrestlers so you can feel totally comfortable on your first day with us.


What is the age limit of training?
Unfortunately we do not train anyone under 18, However we do train anyone over 18 theres is no limit at that end of the spectrum.

If i have done a seminar in the past, can I just come along to the weekly training session?

No!  Please don't assume you can show up to a training session if you have had an extended absence!

Please contact if this is your situation. Depending on how long you've been away from training, you may be required to attend another seminar.

Can i just turn up and watch without an invitation? 

Absolutely Not! You must have booked and be invited to our sessions.

What day and time does training occur?

Training is every Sunday from 2.15pm to 4.15pm. If you commit to training on a weekly basis. 

When is the next seminar?
Please contact us to confirm the next date.

How do I book a place?
Simply send an email to introducing yourself, including your age and request to be placed on the seminar list.

When will I know that I have been accepted for the seminar?
We will confirm by email that you have been added to the list and contact you when the seminar is due.

You will be then be asked to pay a deposit to ensure your space on your seminar.

What should I wear?

A t-shirt/vest and shorts/jogging bottoms,

however you will not be allowed to wrestle in jeans or any clothing with metal clasps or fastenings.

You will require clean trainers with as little grip as possible, You will not be allowed to train with dirty footwear. Eventually you will be expected to have proper training boots with non-marking soles.


What does the seminar involve?

You will learn break falling, working in the ring, basic wrestling holds, reversals and moves. This is enough for you to decide if professional wrestling is for you.


Anything else I should bring?
Wrestling is an intense physical sport and we advise that you bring water and a towel for comfort.


Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding Live Shows, Tickets, Training and any other enquiries...




Training Facilities Address:
The K Star Gym

Unit 5

54 College Road

Perry Barr 


B44 8BS

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